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Quarantine Balconies is about how people gave each other company and connected with each other during the pandemic through their windows/balconies, when everyone was isolated In their homes.
Quarantine BalconiesPrarthana Dixit & Chiara Gonsalves
As a celebration of life, SKIN celebrates what it means to be human - quite literally. I want to bring the tower to life by giving it skin and further represent Roche's commitment to diversity and unity.
SkinAnahat Kaur
Connected is the poetic and graphic metaphor of the invisible link that connects us to each other. Expressing diversity and unity of our society in the most minimalist, pure approach.
ConnectedFanny Demier
“Evolve” recalls two fundamental characteristics of humanity: dynamism and evolution without which there would be no development and no cultural and social growth.
EvolveGiulia Zafferani
Humanity is the ability to feel. To represent the complementarity of positive and negative emotions, feelings are shown as words that move and transform into one another.
Shapes of emotionsSabrina Trevisan
All relationships are unique, enrich our lives with memories, leave a trace in heart. Relationships consist of emotional moments – ethereal and intangible like gentle breeze of wind.
Human relationshipsAnna Szlachta
The visualization is based on the notion of UBUNTU, the human essence. UBUNTU is the glue that binds humanity. Though invisible, it is experienced through sharing, interacting and most significantly dance.
Ubuntu Life is DanceMichael Rubaba
Celebrating humanity means to embrace life, embrace diversity, togetherness and growth. It means to be open to what life brings to us and create the best out of each moment.
Fade in LightAniekeme Noack
We are going through difficult moments, forced to face loneliness, loss of people we love, and make difficult decisions; but we are strong! We fall we get up, we change and learn from every moment of our existence.
MomentsAfonso Mfumu Nguizani
This is a story of humanity, focused on the encounters and separation, from the beginning of your life to the end. Music: Serjo De Lua, Keys of Moon Music
Humanity – one LifeSakurako Iribe
What we do every day, trying to keep everything firmly in balance. Private life, work, health, happiness. This is part of us as human beings.
Maintain the balanceErica David
When we engage in a conversation, we share ideas and emotions. In celebrating imagination and collaboration, we celebrate humanity.
Floating MindsMarta Carrer

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